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Your Life, Your Journey, Your Map

The brain processes 400 Billion bits of information a second. BUT we are ONLY aware of 2,000 of those?" -Dr. Joseph Dispenza

Filters in our brain are designed to delete, distort and generalise information through our representational system (Visual, Auditory, kinaesthetic, auditory digital). We form an internal representation through pictures, sounds, tastes and self-talk which shapes how we perceive our values, beliefs, and decisions. Which creates our identity, who we are and what we like and how we see our map of the

Every single person is unique as each person has their personalised filters.

As Alfred Korzybski stated in 1933 “Think of the “map” as your mind or your view of your world”. "This mental map represents how we see or perceive things; what things mean; how we ‘code: what we see, hear and feel for; how we make the memories that we can recall later, or that might spring into our consciousness as insights and ideas. Your mental map portrays the way the world seems to you and no one else".

I know for me when I remember certain songs. I can hear the tune, but also, I can remember what I was doing when I first listened to the song. Sometimes it can be a smell that triggers a moment in time. We might see the same image but see it so differently.

The internet went crazy debating the colours of a dress. Is it gold and white or black and blue?

The pictures were taken so close up that we don’t know the surrounding environment.

So, our brain starts to make interpretations of the light falling on it. Filtered through previous experiences and current surroundings change the colours within the dress.

How can this help you in every form of your life;

By understanding that we all see the world around us different to one and other. Sometimes you need to expand your lens and see the world in someone else perspective. Empathising and putting yourself in someone else's shoes can resolve common conflicts. We are all different its ok to not agree on things, its ok if we experience the same thing but have a different outcome. Its ok to see things the way you see it even if it is what majority see and feel.

Your map is your unique footprint on this earth. Don’t waste it by trying to fit someone else's version of your world. Follow your own directions even if you encounter a few detours.

Follow your map of the world, Let Your Inner Beauty Shine

Bec xxx

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