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When You Don’t Feel Like Yourself

Lately, you haven’t felt like yourself when you look in the mirror you feel almost lost and unrecognizable.

Maybe you are feeling extra anxious that has taken up residence inside your stomach. Or maybe you are experiencing self-doubt something you have not experienced before. Maybe you feel disconnected from yourself. Maybe you just can’t pinpoint it just yet but you don’t feel yourself.

We have all been through the stage of our lives where we realize we are changing. That we are not the person who stood Infront of the mirror. Looking in the mirror we see a different version of us. We can feel like this after a massive life event has occurred, a life shift or following a different path in our lives. It's ok to not feel yourself!

Many people stop feeling like themselves after experiencing a major life event or major role change. Did you recently move or started a new job? Maybe you are dealing with heartbreak and loss, just had a baby, the first-time mum life can really feel so overwhelming,

Another culprit is making decisions that aren’t in line with your values, habits and actions. Ask yourself the question has anything changed recently and does it truly reflect the life I want to live. You could be saying “yes” to things that you don’t agree with what you really want.

Even though feeling disconnected from yourself is uncomfortable, frustrating and disorienting, the good news is that there are many ways to reconnect—like the below tips.

Getting Grounded

When you don’t feel yourself, you are easily led to impulsive behaviours or rash life decision making that can do the complete opposite effect to what you want to achieve. The first step to feel clarity is to feel reground.

Sensory walk – Go for a short walk outside in nature without any distractions. Just yourself and your own company. On this walk I want you to take note of the things you see, maybe a bird in the sky, the blue sky. What can you hear? And what can you smell? Take notice of all your surroundings. If you are in a place in nature where you can, take your shoes off. Feel the dirt, sand in between your toes.

Just a simple sensory walk can get you regrounded


Start a journal and reflect and be honest with your feelings. Raw authentic feelings will open up the doors of clarity.

Getting Back to Basics

When you notice yourself feeling disconnected it can be very helpful to reconnect yourself back to your basics. Write a list of your personal values and passions. (You can search for the values checklist online) if you need assistance with this.

It's also helpful to use a wheel of life visual representation of your life. This will compare your current percentages are with where you’d like to be. You can then refocus your daily routine to include the things that you have discovered are important to you.

Reconnecting Activities

Do activities or things that help you feel like yourself. Go back to your old passions as a child if you like. For me it’s about swimming laps in the pool as I swam as a kid and don’t remember a time, I wasn’t following the black line. I also feel connected with myself sitting on a jetty looking out over a beautiful view or going for a drive with the music up singing country songs or songs that I loved growing up. I enjoy getting my toes dirty and walking the endless beach. When I need a boost, I lean on my self-development library of books. Self-development is a massive part of who I am and I find it’s the best pick me up I could ever want and need. Do those things that lite that fire in you, those activities that make you feel whole. Can be as simple as drawing or designing something if you are creative. Just do whatever you first think of it’ll feel right trust me.

Feeling not yourself can be a lonely, weird time. Following these tips, I hope you can regain a little insight and start feeling you again. Be honest and kind to yourself during this time. You will get through this.

Let your inner beauty Shine

Bec xxx

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