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What helped my client get a promotion.

For my client it was limiting beliefs passed on by family members that restricted them into a limiting mindset. In the coaching world we call them limiting beliefs, Our limiting thoughts are telling us, we are not good enough or aren’t smart or wise enough. We lose these opportunities due to our beliefs what we say we are risking us from all those beautiful things we want to attract in our life. This was exactly what happened to a client of mine. For years he was in the same position in the same job. My client felt like they didn't have what it took to move up the ranks. They didn't believe in themselves. These were there limiting beliefs.

Where do your limiting thoughts come from?

Limiting thoughts influence the direction in which our lives take. Do you remember been asked as a child Whom does you want to be when you grow up? You would have answered with no hesitation A vet or a nurse or a firefighter, or Whatever you said you believed. Where is that dream now? Where did that belief go?

As we grow into our teenagers, we start to lose this as we start to let self-doubt and other people's opinions and society shape our identity. We lose our childhood hopes and dreams and go in the direction of what others are doing, our parents influence and only our self-doubt says we can achieve. We stay in a 9-5 non-fulfilling career because that is all we know.

Old beliefs established as a child that no longer hold true are stopping us from fulfilling our deepest passion. The good news is those beliefs can be turned around by reprograming the subconscious mind, reframing our negative self-talk.

For my client it was limiting beliefs passed on by family members that restricted them into a limiting mindset.

What did I do next with my client?

I asked him these questions.

What is holding you back?

When did you start thinking this way?

In your adult self does this way of thinking still hold true for you?

Turning it into a positive

It was then we said goodbye to the old limiting thoughts and turned them into a life changing motion.

They said " The mindset of others don't determine my direction. I am my own self with my own values and beliefs. I can do and be whoever I want to be".

They then looked on every single limiting belief pattern that came up within our sessions and did the same exercise.

A few weeks later I received an email from this client whom let me know due to them looking into there limiting beliefs and changing the way they looked at themselves. They saw the value they could provide. They felt more confident and happy within themselves.They got a promotion. This is what a call a determined client. One journey I will never forget.

I hope you too start digging through your outdated self talk and remind yourself of what you can offer to the rest of the world. You too can live your dreams.

Acknowledge your negative self-talk, feel more empowered, go get it.

Let your inner beauty shine

Bec xxx

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