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Want to Change Your Life? Design the “You” You Want to Be

If you have clicked on this blog I am certain you are feeling like you reached a platatoe in your life. Maybe your entering your early 30s of mid 40s where something just felt “off.”Maybe your not sleeping well, often waking at 2am with anxiety about real or imagined catastrophes. Are you often stressed and short-tempered. Gaining weight and your health isnt in the top-notch condition the way it had always been. You feel directionless and unmotivated, but wasn’t sure what you would rather be doing.

TED talk I had seen in which Patti Dobrowolski discussed the power of “drawing your future.” While the concept seems a little silly at first, give it a go as this is the best way to form clarity of what you really want.

Draw or if you cant draw finds pictures that describe yourself in nine years in the future. What kind of person do you want to be? What were your activities? What are you wearing? What do you enjoy doing?

Research shows that the odds of anyone making a change in their life are nine to one. If you want to beat those odds, according to Dobrowolski, you need to see your ideal future, believe it’s possible, and then ask and train your brain to help you bring it to life.

That’s why a picture can be so powerful. When we draw, we utilize our creativity and imagination. This gets us away from our inner critic which often runs the show and tries to keep us safe from harm.

Once we have our picture, we’re able to close our eyes and connect the dots from the present to the future, factoring in all our life experiences and imagining the steps that would help us get from A to B.

If you’re struggling to picture your next steps in life, consider watching Dobrowolski’s video. She encourages you to first draw your current state—with complete honesty— and your desired new reality. Add colour to the new vision to make it pop. Make it something that draws you in and gets you excited. Then outline steps to take that will make your new reality possible. You may be surprised at the clarity that transpires! Draw the “you” you want to be.

Get creative, Tell me your results!

Let Your Inner Beauty Shine

Bec xxx

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