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This Mental Trick Makes It Way Easier To Accept Change

Maybe it’s an old job. A relationship. A habit. A pattern. You can always find something that’s begging for change. Sometimes things change even when we don't want them too. For me, I am in the process of adjusting to motherhood. So far my body has changed, my lifestyle is starting to change. I don't have the energy I once had. I know when my son is born things will change even more. He will be who I live for, he will fill my heart with so much love and joy and I will be thankful for every moment we share. But I am now realising that there will be no more living by my schedule, watching what I want to watch and doing what I want to be doing. My little man will set the pace of my routine and what is to come. It will be beautiful don't get me wrong but it is so different from life as it is now.

Remind yourself that change is a part of life.

When you surrender to the fact that you’re always evolving, you can stop getting so surprised every time change comes knocking! Much like nature continues to change seasons, shifts will keep happening in your life. Instead of becoming unbreakable and rigid, you’ll eventually get super bendy, like a tree with deep roots and branches that bend and flap in the wind.

Make your metamorphosis, translate to your surroundings.

Every year the leaves fall. Every year the flowers bloom again. Love may come and go, your job will change, you will never stay the same forever. You are on this earth to learn and grow and evolve. Start by accepting that. Easier said than done, I know, but when you surrender to this fact, a huge weight will lift.

How to start gracefully accepting this change:

1. Admit and surrender to the words:

"I don't know."

Don't pretend to have it all figured out. Surrender to "I don't know what's next." I guarantee you that amazing things will come if you give them space and patiently sit in the "I don't know" space. This is where something beautiful will start to grow.

2. Avoid asking everyone you know for their help and opinions.

The last thing you need is opinions from ones around you. You know how you feel and what you need to do. Keep it between you and your higher-ups (your guides, your meditation practice or even speak to me such as a life coach to seek an understanding of surrendering to change and living and embracing in the present moment.

3. Stay moving and don't stop

It's hard to do this one if you are like me 32 weeks pregnant and have no energy to go for a hike or do the things you normally do. But when things in life die off or change. It's easy to freeze up, grab a box of tissues and watch Netflix and eat a block of chocolate or a tub of ice cream. Take some time to get through emotionally, what you need to let go of, but then keep moving... Even if you don't know what's next, start a new hobby, have a new interest. It's easy to want to just hide under the covers, so do the little things like take a hike or sign up to something new. Or for someone like me who is preparing for a newborn make a dream board of what you wish the future to look like and create your vision with pictures and words. Whatever you do. Don't stop. Keeping moving forward.

4. Externalise the change.

This one is so helpful. Maybe you’ll get a haircut and a new outfit or change your room around. Make your own new you translate to your surroundings. I know for me it's just about spending a lot of time in my little man's new room getting it prepared for his arrival.

5. Lean on what you love to do

You may find that the old things you love don’t fit anymore as you’re changing, and that’s OK... I know my thing is climbing mountains. I can't do that unless I want to be in labour on the mountain. Wouldn't that be funny seeing me on the news, thinking I know her, isn't she that life coach? I'm learning that even though climbing is a form of time and a great way to exercise. I know its not best for my body right now. Instead, I am discovering others way to feel this. By doing small walks with friends or walking the dog to still stimulate me. I have made more time to meditate to relax my mind and ease into this transition. Try to lean on these things you love to do, but once they start feeling clunky, adapt.

6. Expand you're personal grow

Read books like Louise Hay,( how to heal your life)and change the way you view yourself and your life. Look into your life and maybe you will discover why this change happened for you, so you can except and evolve.

Always find a way to celebrate that you have chosen a life of consistent, conscious expansion. It takes some people lifetimes to get here.

You’ve chosen to keep pushing... opening your life to opportunities for.. how big love you can feel, how high you can go, how far your wings can spread, Spread your wings and fly beautifully.

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