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The secret of happiness is in your daily habits

How many of us wake up every day, and the first thing we look at is the notifications on our smartphone. We are not in control to what pops up on our news feed and most times social media can leave us feeling like our fuel of energy and passion is running low already before we even get out of bed and put our feet on the floor.

Maybe it's images of the recent flood event in Melbourne or a story you watched that made you self doubt yourself or compare. This is one daily habit that can change how we feel just by a single post.

Think about what you did when you first woke up this morning? How are you feeling?

What can you do everyday to help you feel happy?

1.Stretch your body first thing you wake up helps increase your blood flow and prprepareour body for the day ahead.

2. Drink glasses of water h that helpetox the body by flushing toxins out, which boosts your immune system. Drinking water in the morning boosts metabolism and aids weight loss. Drinking 2 glasses of water in the morning helps prevent constipation and aids regular bowel movements.

3.Morning meditation

Set a an intentionor your day. I found this a game changer at the peak of the days of bad anxiety and stress. Learning meditation and learning about my breathnd how to use it to calm how I was feeling is a tool that honestly changed my life. Every dayn their shshower, Iould play a meditation while the water dripped over me. I walked out each titime, feelingo much better and in control of my body. I continue to use meditation in my daily life as I see how it has changed how I am and how I feel. I started using the free app called cacalm, whichaught me the basics of memeditation. Ised this when I reached the peak of every mountain I climbed. I then moved onto i the insigh timer, which still use reregularlyive years later. A great morning meditation on insight timer (morning ritual by Jason Mcgrice). I loved setting my inintentionor the day and holding that with me throughout the day.

4.Exercise, 30 minutes that is all we need. We have time for exercise. When you use the exexcuse, Ion’t have time? Ask yoyourself: Ishis a priority right now for me?

Make the time for the things that help your body, mimind, andoul

5.Commute to work – Instead of the raradio, listeno a podcast that will improve your knowledge and make yoyoueel inspired. This one is one I have only just started to do. I tell you it's made a huge difference in the way I feel before I start work?earning and listening awakens my mind, inspires me in so many different ways. Listen to only the voices that reflect the person you want to become. The local radio was not fueling my mind with what I needed to work at my best. I am currently listening to on spotify (The diary of a Ceo by Steven Bartley) I find him so down to earth and inspiring and his guests are some of the most successful motivating people on the planet.

6.Walk into work with good intentions – Most of my working life I have mostly worked in the world of custromer service. Something came to mind a few year ago after listening to the morning meditation I mentioned earlier. My intentin was to make every person I could interact with smile. This envolved into Bec’s secret challenge. Each day I count how many people I make smile or make laugh, I set a goal and if I reach that goal I reward myself somehow. Another one is how can I change one persons day today, just one person. I currently work in health care, I have the opportunity everyday to boost those who are not feeling the best. Just simple eye contact. Letting them have the floor to speak and giving them my full attention can change someones day. Actually feeling like I give a damn about how unwell they are feeling or how hard it has been for them will make them feel heard. They will then return to the business and I do what I love to do and that’s make someone else happy. I find I am such a giver by doing this fills up my bucket.

7.Consume foods that are going to boost your energy. Craving for comfort foods can be emotionally driven and also become a habit over time. omfort foods don’t address our true needs. recent study found that while in a bad mood, participants who ate comfort food and participants who ate other foods described feeling better after a few minutes. In fact, eating comfort foods and eating no food at all wielded the same emotional results. While comfort food might sound comforting before you eat, it doesn’t do much in the long term.

It’s possible that the comfort you feel after eating actually results from passing time. Your behavior around eating food, like dressing up to go to a restaurant and/or spending quality time with friends, might also explain the misunderstanding. Always reach for nutritional snacks/ meals.

8.End your day ask yourself and those around you what was your favourite part about the day. We started this a while ago now as a family. It's now become part of our routine lucas now asks us and everyone who comes to visit for dinner what their favourite part of the day is. Reminding yourself of the best parts of your day will build your mind full of gratitude. Retraining your mind to think and look at the things that are positive in your life.

9. Take some time for self care before you go to sleep. Do whatever you need to do to end your day. Write down things on your mind or have a nice shower. Feel your best cosy self each night.

10. Relax your mind

Let your mind stop, focus on your breathe and get a great sleep. Turn your phone on silent or remove out of your room. Relax unwind and have a great sleep.

You don't have to do all of these even just one and sticking to it can create a happy fulfilled life. Follow my blog for more tips on life and authenticity.

Let your inner beauty shine

Bec xxx

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