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Living Authentically

"The process of discovering the authentic you is about honest personal exploration leading to self-awareness and self-knowledge."

We have all heard the term authentic it is easily thrown around to explain someone being true to themselves. However, living authentically it's not easy to achieve. Authenticity is self-awareness or knowledge of and trust in your motives, emotions, preferences and abilities. It takes a lot of insight into your inner thoughts and greater knowledge of who you are down to the core. To be 100% you all the time as we get so caught up with who we should be by others points of view or the refreshing screen of social media algorithms give us the constant bombardment with images of what you should inspire to be and can cloud your judgement and draw you away from a true understanding of who you are and what is important to you.

Opening the treasure chest of the question of who am I, we are often afraid of what we might find. Fear is an emotion we all through our life and a necessary part of self-discovery - after all, it's natural not to admit to ones own failings, limiting beliefs and negative traits. But none of us is perfect and so, if you dare to take a breathe and plunge into self-discovery, authenticity and self-acceptance can be yours. These answers can positively impact your life, offering happiness, contentment and clarity and success.

Have you ever felt lost within yourself? You look into the mirror and don't know who you are?

Chances are that your personal identity; your values, beliefs, aspirations, life experiences and how you see the world through upbringing, religious beliefs, gender, culture and ethnicity. And your social identity; This shifts depending on the group but it's who you are to your family, friends. work colleagues etc. Social identity is important to share aspects of your identity and feel a sense of acceptance as others share your passions and interests. However when these two identities become unbalanced and confusing if you let one outbalance the other. Eg. If your social identity takes over you can lose sight of who you are as an individual. You might be doing things that you don't like or agree with that you don't want to rock the status quo. You continue to do things that don't align with how you are and eventually you feel like you don't even know you you are anymore.

So how do you find your authenticity and work out if it's balanced?

Let's unpack this together

  1. Understanding your identity

Personal identity - Write down your values, beliefs, likes, dislikes, qualities that describe your real self and your weaknesses. Keep in mind these aren't written into stone as you will change these all the time afterlife experiences and continue to self develop but it's a guide and is a foundation of who you are.

2. Becoming you-

Observe how you behave and how things make you feel as they pop up into your life. How do things make you feel? Label your emotions as you feel them. What events make you feel happy and others that make you feel uncomfortable. What people after seeing them do you feel happy after seeing and who are those people that you come home and feel so heavy after seeing. What did you say or do that made you feel proud of times in which you feel you weren't speaking up for yourself and you wish you did. When you start to become what behaviours, attitudes, emotions and traits you are you reject everything that doesn't serve you which in return rejects those that don't authentically align with you. When you start observing your day to day life in depth you will begin to understand your version of your world and how living authentic feels like.

3. Let go of the past-

Holding onto the past and mistakes can hold you back from not only living in the present but also restricts you from living freely and authentically. Learn self-compassion. nobody is perfect. let go of guilt, learn from your past mistakes, forgive yourself. Accept your past as your story but a story you can rewrite with a new chapter, turn the page and start living with freedom.

4. Be vulnerable to be you

Don't be afraid to stand up for what you believe in and always remind yourself of your values and beliefs and who you are. Being loud with who you are and what makes you, YOU will help you live authentically. Value your faults and be proud about them as without your freckle and dint on your nose or laughing with your mouth open very wide you wouldn't be the person you are. Remember you are you for a reason.

Living authentically is a life of real and raw experiences. You will attract like-minded people the more you reflect your life with the things you love to do. Your friends should reflect those you wish to be and those that speak highly of you. You deserve to live this life happy and fulfilled within yourself and your life.

Live life authentically today.

Let your inner beauty shine

Bec xxx

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