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Life In The Arms Of Anxiety

Chances are you have anxiety, or you know someone that does. 1 in 3 Australian women suffers from anxiety symptoms, these figures are extremely high. Anxiety can be hard to battle and can effect all areas of your life. My anxiety was left untreated due to my denial. Yes, I must admit my education about anxiety was very stereotypical.

I imagined anxiety was a massive loud panic attack. I had no idea my symptoms of short breaths, itchy neck, sweaty feet and palms, shaky hands and uncontrollable negative thoughts were all symptoms of anxiety. I remember when the doctor first said, “Rebecca I think you have anxiety” I was like no, I'm mentally fine! There is nothing wrong with me. Years went on, my symptoms became more frequent and more noticeable to others around me. Then came my Irritable Bowel Syndrome. Well, that slapped my anxiety right into my face, I could no longer ignore it or deny I had it. I lost my ability to live a normal life.

I was anxious about being sick, I was anxious about trying to live with an illness while still trying to keep my full time job. My anxiety didn’t help my ability to get better. If I wanted to get better I needed to confront my anxiety head on and find techniques that would help me calm down my symptoms. As though anxiety is here with me for life I know how to maintain and monitor it.

I use these anxiety techniques;

1. A warm steamy shower with candles with calming music. This helped me recenter my thoughts and feel more calm and relaxed. I did an exercise were I would put body soap on me outside of the shower. I would picture the body soap as what I was anxious about. I would go under the water and wash the anxiety away. It was a nice way to cleanse my mindset.

2. To this day I try and do daily mindfulness and meditation to give myself time away from my thoughts and feelings.

3. Breathing techniques if anxiety shows its nasty head while out and about. I breathe in for 4 and out for 3 and I become aware of movement in my lungs as I breathe, this helps calm down my thought process.

4. I always have a hair band on my wrist as when I feel like I'm thinking about something in my past or future that does not serve me I snap the wristband to help to bring me back into reality.

5. I love to exercise! This, when I was very anxious, this was a massive help! When you exercise, it releases endorphins into your body.Daily exercise will give you positive vibes all day.

6. When my anxiety tried to force me to stay in bed, I would implement a morning routine. This got me up, and out of bed, it kept me moving.

7. Eating the right foods having a nutritional diet will help your anxiety! What you consume, you will become.

8. Sharing my anxiety with others. Leaning on others with anxiety and letting them become my motivation to stay in a positive mindset. Having a partnership like this can help keep you accountable.

9. Read self-help books to help establish ways to stay positive in anxious situations. Instaling positive affirmations daily into your mind.

10. Go for a drive to a place that makes your soul calm. I lived at the beach when my anxiety was high. As the waves calmed me and made me forget about everything around me that was going on. It's healthy to escape occasionally.

Using these techniques, I've been able to manage my anxiety. I don't tend to get anxious as much anymore. Everyone is different, these techniques may not work for everyone. It’s just trial and error ,this is what helped me. If you have your own techniques that is not listed, please add to the comments below.

Let Your Inner Beauty Shine

Bec xxx

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