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How understanding your own ethics gives you a better understanding of others.

As we are all individuals on this earth, we all have our individual experiences, not one person has the same story, identity and life span. We are given a life to live we arrive on this earth in different countries, we learn different languages, upbringing within different cultures and we see the world around us through the different experiences and life events we have in counted. Our life story is written by our choices, our thoughts, our decisions and the drive to do whatever makes us happy. Nobody has experienced life like you and no one ever will. You are the only person that will understand your way, your choices and your life.

Yet with this understanding, most of us seek acceptance from others. We want others to see us for who we are through our view of the world. We want our choices to be accepted and our voices to be heard. For some though without this understanding in life that not one person sees the pieces of the life puzzle fit the way you do, they will never GET YOU.

By understanding your ethics or in the self-developing world it’s called your values you will not only understand yourself on a deeper level but understand others' points of view.

Examples of personal values

  • Achievement, e.g., determined, successful

  • Authenticity, eg., Being your full pure self

  • Benevolence, e.g., forgiving, loyal, responsible, supportive

  • Conformity, e.g., politeness, restraint, respect

  • Family-oriented, eg. Structuring your life around your family

  • Hedonism, e.g., indulgent, pleasure

  • Health, eg; Putting your health first, Intune with your body

  • Power, e.g., authority

  • Security, e.g., comfort, social order, cleanliness

  • Self-direction, e.g., freedom, originality

  • Stimulation, e.g., exciting life, daring

  • Tradition, e.g., devout, respect for traditions, modest

  • Universalism, e.g., equality, wisdom, the world of peace, social justice, protecting the environment

  • Work orientated eg., dedicated, strong work ethic

  • Wealth eg., Money brings happiness, wealth abundance

There are so many to choose from google Personal values if you feel like none of these describe you. As the years go by your values may change due to the things you may have been through or life as it changes. Revise your list as often as you feel.

My top 3 from this list currently;

1. Family orientated

2. Health

3. Authenticity

Family Orientated

For currently in this chapter of my life, I am very family-focused. My life revolves around my children, especially for the next 4 and a bit years. I have a deep understanding that my children will never live these next 4 development leaps again in their lives. These years are most important in establishing their own beliefs systems and their way of life. I want to be the person to help guide and nature them through this process. Living in and soaking in every single moment. This has defiantly come with some financial/ personal sacrifice but we as a family make it work. I also believe a husband and wife are a team, they work together, whenever one falls the other catches them. Sometimes that means taking time off their work or making sacrifices to help others, I can see many people who value security, work orientated or wealth may not see things the way I see them and might have made different choices. To the mums out there that sacrifice this time for their families, you are one strong ambitious woman.


My health is second on this list. I have been through too many health battles to not listen to my body. I do put my health in my thoughts a lot. Health is wealth to me. I am someone who will priories my health above most things I can't just ignore if I delay things amplify. Through my journey, I have learnt to listen to my body and act as soon as something isn’t right. This means that I would prioritise my health over my work ethic and my social life whenever required. Some may question my work ethic as to them they push through and would rather go to work sick than address their illness as their work ethic is higher on their list than their health and that is ok too! They just see their world different and experienced life differently maybe they haven’t had too many health problems to have this as a priority on their list.


I value living life authentically speaking my truth and being honest with myself and the world around me. It has taken me a long self-developing journey to end up here in an authentic part of my life. I feel I am living in essence on who I am and following all directions in life to who I would like to be. I listen to what she loves to do and strive to find opportunities to live them. Following job opportunities that align with what I love and helping others along the way. Living your true self to me is living a fulfilling life. I believe we are all different for a reason. We all have talents and ways of thinking that can change the world if we let them. We all are different in the best kind of way. Living life honest within myself is a life I can only ask for.

Before making a judgement on others and their decisions reflect on your values and then compare the list of who you may find you make a judgement on. A decision you may feel is wrong to you in someone else's world their choice feels authentic to them. What may feel wrong to you might feel right in someone else version of their world.

Never judge a book by its cover or the choices it may make. Every one of us has our book to write. One with its twists turns and hopefully one massive happy ending. No two books are the same. Not one of us can judge how someone else lives out their story.

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