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How to journal, why it's important

Reach out to anybody in the self help world and without question they will ask you to journal.

Journaling is something you don't feel the benefits of until you do it. is estimated that around 45% of Australian people will experience a mental health issue in their lifetime. Journaling is a new concept in human psychology.

What are the benefits of journaling

1.Writing your thoughts down on a piece of paper can be very reflective and therapeutic. You are answering those answers that are stored between all the mess in your brain. Journaling helps keep your brain in tip-top shape. Not only does it boost memory and comprehension, it also increases working memory capacity, which may reflect improved cognitive processing, boost mood

2 . It can reconnect you to your authentic self it's your thoughts, your words without anyone's input. Being honest and writing it on your special piece of lined paper can answer so much about your inner thoughts and feelings.

3. Great way to reflect on how far you've come. Writing your life down can be great to reflect back on see how through time your thoughts words and feelings have changed.

4. Can be a great perk up, reminded yourself of your goals, loves and what makes you smile can transform from a piece of paper to real life. What you think and feel, you are, remember that.

5. Lastly it's a great me time activity that doesn't involve screen time. It's a beautiful way to start or end a day.

Want to know more of the benefits of journaling Jennie Sherwood explains more.

How do I start journaling

Find a empty lined book, one that the front page inspires or makes you happy. Search pinterest for journal prompts. Some of my favourite questions is, what made you smile today? 3 words that define you? What makes you unique? Describe your perfect day? A goal for the year? What's your first step towards that goal? You get the picture.

Draw, throw some colour in, make this book yours.

Tonight I stayed up very late and started a new journal. One of self reflection. As a mum I find myself at times feeling lost within this chaotic but rewarding world of motherhood. Journaling recentres and reminds me of the kick ass woman I am besides being mum. My dreams, goals and what makes my soul tick.

Get writing, let your inner beauty shine.

Bec xxx

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