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How to find myself again?

Finding yourself is one of the most common reasons why my clients come to me to seek coaching. This surprised me at first as I knew this was a serious issue in society. But I didn’t realise how this affects all age groups and walks of life.

Why we feel like we lose ourselves?

From my experience and what I’ve learnt from my clients is that we get so busy in our day to day lives we get so caught up in the day to day grind that we almost become robotic. We sleep, eat., shower, go to (work, uni, school), eat again. Shower and then go to bed. When we are in the day to day grind, we put ourselves on the back burner and forget what matters most to us. We then are easily influenced by the world around us through social media, partners, the people we surround ourselves with and much more can influence the way we feel about ourselves. We start second-guessing what we like, dislike and fundamentally who we are and what sets us apart from everybody else. We go through life challenges that test how we think and feel about ourselves; we make choices that please others and not ourselves, which pulls us further away from who we are.

How do I find myself?

You already have….. how can you find something if it is already there? Your mind body and soul is yours and yours only, your personality and thoughts are just hidden deep down inside yourself secretly excited to reclaim you. You can never truly lose yourself! you are still you, in this beautiful mind and body of yours. You just have to make time for yourself to discover that is again.

Each person is different on how they can do this here is a few things I have learnt along the way;

- Go have me day. You got to start by doing out to places alone. Start with a beach or if you don’t live near a beach a place that keeps you calm. Just sit on the shore by yourself. Pondering life, you’ll start thinking of things you want to do. Start doing them. Do them alone. You’ll start to enjoy your own company, once you start seeing things within yourself that you just love and appreciate you start getting back in touch with the person you are.

- Be more present, be in the present moment. Go on a 10-minute walk with no phone or any other distractions. In this walk look at the trees around you, the sky, the birds in the trees, listen to the sounds around you and smell the air you are breathing. Just for 10 minutes be with nature and the present moment. You have no idea how much this can shift in you, by just being present. Also, meditations are great for this too if this is your thing.

- Read your favourite book, watch your favourite movie, wear your favourite outfit its simple but just doing things you love to do, can help bring back your shine.

It may not be an overnight fix but the more time you dedicate to yourself the easier it will get.

You are lost beautiful you just need to be rediscovered.

Let your inner beauty shine

Bec xxx

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