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How to appreciate the little things.

How often do you look on the ground when you are walking or really look closely at something or someone you love? How many times have you walked past the same tree but never took the time to see its true beauty?

The world is made what it is each day in part by countless tiny, almost unnoticeable things. When we practice greeting the world with awareness, we begin to tune into things, little things, happening all around us.

There are many ways to practice the skill of awareness. In my experience, the most direct route there is via meditation—even a brief meditation each day can increase your focus. And when we increase our focus on It’s frequently difficult to notice these beautiful things unfolding around us due to the constant chatter in our minds (and our electronic devices).

Being present is a practice

I remember when I first considered meditation many years ago. I was a typical type A person who thought meditation meant , I had to hum and chant and hold a crystal. I didn’t know how to switch off my thoughts.

Like learning any new skill, I had to start somewhere. With regular practice, this became easier as time went on.

With more practice, I’ve been able to bring that same sense of quiet and mindfulness to the rest of my day. I now give myself permission to truly be present and let in the little things in life

Being mindful is something we do one moment at a time, taking baby steps to incorporate it into various aspects of our lives.

Take a moment , check in with yourself.

right now to be mindful. Be present.

Notice your thoughts. Are they here in the present moment?

What can you see around you? Is there anything that stands out?

What can you smell?

What can you hear?

How do you feel because of how you interpret all of these things? More alive and grateful?

Be mindful now, in the present moment and start appreciating the small things in life.

Let Your Inner Beauty Shine,

Bec xxx

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