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Having a morning routine can improve your life

Maintaining regular daily routines is one of the best ways to work toward living a more organised and fulfilling life.

Not only will you accomplish much more in your day but you will save time wasted on distractions/time wasters.

Here are 3 reasons why a morning routine is important

1. You start your day motivated and goal driven

By setting a morning routine in place every day, you will form a habit this will help you feel accomplished and motivated. The more motivated you feel, the more goals you will complete.

2. You are more relaxed

Let's face it life can be pretty stressful at times. When you allow time in the morning to do the things you need to do you will feel relaxed and less stressed. Because you always know what to expect.

3. You have more respect for your time

It's easy to forget just how valuable your time really is. When you get yourself organised by setting morning routines, you will start to respect your time and use it wisely.

Some of the most successful people in the world such as celebrities wake up early with a morning routine. Hoping out of bed before Sunrise is proven to increase productivity

Let these celebrities by your inspiration;

Oprah Winfrey

- Oprah starts her day with 20 minutes meditation. Then hits the treadmill

-while she tunes herself in to be the best person she can be by listening to her favourite song.

- Eats a healthy breakfast and has a green juice

Tony Robbins

- Wakes up, jumps in the hot tub, and then jumps into a cold plunge

-Takes time for gratitude for three things

-Mediation practice where he focuses on spirituality, or for him, “Feeling the presence of God.”

-Thinks about his “Three to Thrive.”

Julianne Hugh’s AM gratitude ritual

Talk about starting her day on a positive note: Hough thinks about five things she’s grateful for before she even gets out of bed.

Brittany Snows get- ready playlist

The Pitch Perfect star has a “getting ready” playlist filled with mood-boosting tunes that she blasts on the speakers throughout her house

By having a morning routine, you will accomplish your goals and have the time to focus on yourself and help your inner beauty shine.

Has this inspired you to create your own morning routine?

​Bec xxx

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