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Be willing to be disliked.

It takes a lot for us to be willing to reach inside ourselves to find the willpower to want to change ourselves and to grow. To move past the false narratives we've created in our minds mostly focused on interpersonal issues and truly move forward in life. The fear of what people will think and the human fear of dislike is a massive part of why so many people reach out to be coached.

Feeling like we are disliked or a disappointment is fundamentally a human fear and it keeps us stuck within our own limitations.

- Turning down opportunities because we didn't think we were good enough

- Avoiding difficult conversations

- Agreeing to plans or saying yes when you don’t feel like doing something

- Not attempting things just in case you fail

Beneath the issues we each face, there lies a fear of being unaccepted by others.

7 Lessons on Being Disliked:

1. You cannot please everyone, you are not everyone's cup of tea and that is ok. Accept that people aren't thinking about you as much as you think they are.

2. Remind yourself that people's opinions are incredibly subjective

3. Seeking recognition will never fulfil you. Seek only recognition within yourself

4. Accepting that not everyone is going to understand your WHY and that is ok.

5. Without building healthy boundaries you will never be truly happy

6. Building close authentic relationships is brave because it requires you to face the fear of rejection.

7. Question the tapes that play on repeat in your head. ...

Being valuable enough to be disliked means you are facing judgment and rejection face-on and living truly authentically. You start doing things that make you feel good. You start attracting the people and situations around you that manifest in their own extraordinary way of the energy you have created. You start to them create your own authentic happy bubble and start applying a shield of boundaries to help maintain your bubble and saying NO! when you really don’t like something or don’t want to do something and setting the line of what is ok and what isn’t ok. boundaries are actually a wonderful act of love - towards yourself and the other person. They let people know where the door is and how to enter it. How to authentically connect with you.

What Will They Think?

A flood of thoughts fills our minds. How would people react? What if everyone makes fun of me? Make fun of what I do?

What am I doing to do this? What gives me the right?

What if someone else had already done this before? Could I say it better?

Indeed there are people much brighter than me who want to talk about or do what I want. Well then, what’s the difference? They are not me. Period.

No two works of art could ever be the same. Someone famous said there is no new art; there are only new artists.

Nobody can write it like you or do what you do. Nobody has your voice or the way you speak so passionately about something in your own way. Everyone starts somewhere, you just have to be willing to be disliked.

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