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5 steps to reinforce the positivity back into your life;

1. Look at today as a new day, a new start.

2. Write down 5 positive affirmations that you would love to live by and read it to yourself in the mirror every chance you get. Reminding yourself of how awesome you really are.

3. Get your glue and scissors out girl! Start creating your dream life. Visualise and put on canvas everything you inspire to be. Put this somewhere you look at often. If your negative Nancy sneaks back in look at this and remind yourself of what you set your mind and focus on, you will attract.

4. Go for a walk, get yourself out of your day to day environment, breathe in the fresh air and go for a walk.

5. Read a self-help book to help you stick to your inspiring and positive mind frame. My book of choice is "The power is within you" by Louise Hay. If your not into reading try watching a motivational Youtube video.

Today is a brand-new day. A beautiful day to bring back the real you. We all fall down sometimes but it’s how you respond that defines you. Learn from everything and grow from what comes your way. You only live one life so why waste it on the negativity and not the be the best human you can be.

Remind yourself you are worthy of love, mistakes are there to learn and grow. You are successful, you are beautiful just the way you are.

Let your Inner Beauty Shine OLC Tribe

Bec xxx

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