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365 New days, 365 New chances

If you’re not happy and feel fulfilled where you’re in life. change something. In 9 days, you receive 365 New days, 365 new chances.

Quit your job, Leave your unhappy relationship. Loss the weight, quit smoking, manage your anxiety, Stop doubting yourself and mental clutter and be happy.

We stay at the job we are not happy with because we hold onto job security and we are too scared to take the leap into the unknown as that’s all we know.

We stay in unhappy relationships because we feel like we are stuck and can’t leave, afraid we are not loveable, or we may never love again.

We gain unhealthy habits that cause us massive health issues due to not knowing how to break the cycle.

We don’t manage our anxiety as we don’t know the signs when anxiety strikes or how to manage it when its naughty head appears.

We doubt ourselves because we lack the self-love the love we deserve to have.

We have a unstable work life balance that fogs our mind.

We try so hard to show the world on social media we are living our best life, displaying we are happy all the time. We are not being honest with ourselves and our loved ones when we are not ok.


Some of this can be different depending the person and the situation. From my coaching experience these are the most common road blocks in achieving our life and self-develop goals Our beliefs that we hold to ourselves and our lives are untrue holding us back from the things we really want out of life. Our habits are well drilled into us that we have no idea how to break them. We don’t have the push sometimes in ourselves to seek what we desire. We lack the confidence to reach new heights and feel like we are unworthy for success and happiness.

Can you relate to this? Here is where things look up for you!

You may have followed my page for a while but not realised that this is what I can help you with.

Life coaching is an action orientated and future focused partnership. Together well define your version of success, set sustainable goals for your year ahead. we can reconnect with who you once were or who you now choose to be. We can break those unhealthy cycles and encourage you to take your biggest leaps.

In 2019

Seek discomfort. Start believing in yourself, look outside the box, expand your mind with ideas. Fall in love with yourself, fall in love with your mind, fall in love with your soul, make time only for the people that bring out the best in you, limit yourself from those people that effect your mood, do things you thought you never do. Take risk, take chances, take time to heal.

Treat yourself with a new year that you never want to end.

Let Your Inner Beauty Shine

Bec xxx

For any inquiries feel free to contact me;


M: 0478168609

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