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3 Limiting Beliefs Keeping You From Your Dream Job

Limiting beliefs influence the direction in which our lives take.

Do you remember been asked as a child ,"who do you want to be when you grow up"? You would have answered with no hesitation, you want to be a vet or whatever you said you believed. Where is that dream now? Where did that belief go?

As we grow into our teenage years, we start to let self-doubt and other people's opinions shape our identity. We lose our childhood hopes and dreams and go in the direction of what others are doing and listen to our own self doubts. We stay in a 9-5 non-fulfilling career because that is all we know. Old beliefs established as a child that no longer hold true are stopping us from fulfilling our deepest passions.

The good news is those beliefs can be turned around by reprograming the subconscious mind, reframing our negative self-talk into a more positive state.

3 Limiting Beliefs keeping you from your dream job;

1. I'm not good enough

Is this your negative self-talk talking? Do you feel that who you are is not good enough for the job at large. This stemmed from an experience in your childhood that shaped this view you have of yourself. Think back to the first time you felt you were not good enough. Did you fail a test at school and at that point felt like you were not good enough, or maybe you were told you were not good at something and then started criticising what you can and can't do? Think back, how are you different now? Does this belief still hold true? That maths test you failed in year six, does that reflect the person you are today. Reframe I am not good enough. Let's reframe it by saying I can only achieve what I can achieve with the skills I have. To become more, I must gain the skills. List your positive attributes and how you have overcome hurdles in your life. Reframe your “failures” as just stepping stones to success.

“It's failure that gives you the proper perspective on success.” - Ellen DeGeneres

2. I have been here for years this is all I know!

The limited belief is change; you fear change! Old feelings surface in this shift, you might find yourself remembering that your Dad didn't like his job, but expressed that most people don't, and that is the way it is, or Maybe it was important to your parents that you have a “safe, secure job.”. We stay as we fear the unknown. Most have been here, feeling you could do better but can do your job with your eyes shut. You have learnt all there is to know and the only thing you are looking forward to is the end of the week pay check. You have lost the passion that got you the job in the first place. Ask yourself what is keeping you here? Why do you fear change? Reframe it with "Failure is not fatal, but failure to change might be" - John Wooden.

When you are in this mindset, start brainstorming your dream job that reflects who you are at this point in your life. List why this new job reflects your attributes. Not sure what job that might be? Ask yourself what are things you do that you enjoy doing in your spare time. Can I make this passion into a career? Make it happen!

3. What if I fail?

But darling what if you fly?

We are always worried about failing. What would happen to my life? I would be deemed as a failure, a loser. Afraid of being judged for taking a risk, giving it a go and failing! What do you gain from by staying in your safety bubble, how do you grow? How do you know you will not succeed if you are not willing to give it a go? To remain where you are is failing, as you have so much potential but it is wasted on your limited belief. Imagine you succeeding. List everything that comes to mind about your success. Remind yourself of this feeling every time self-doubt gets in your way. Do not waste any more time hesitating, go out spread your wings and fly!

"What is the point of being alive if you do not at least try to do something remarkable?" - John Green

Let your Inner Beauty Shine, live your life with a fulfilling career, with direction and passion by reframing your limiting beliefs and implementing affirmative action, you can create the job of your dreams.

​Follow your dreams create your reality!

​Chase your dreams!

​Bec Xxx

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