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10 Simple Ways To Get Inspired

We all can feel unmotivated and uninspired at times. The truth is it’s a natural part of the creative process. The next time you are stuck and wasting hours trying to get up and make things happen.

Look at the list below to start your stimulated journey;

1.Set meaningful goals

Setting goals gives you a ball park on what you want; you will feel inspired. Try setting small goals to start off with. Remind yourself when completing the goal how inspired and proud you are. The more triumphs you achieve the more inspired you will become.

2. Own it.

Having control and ownership of what we are doing makes us more motivated to actually do it. Own it!

3. Be Accountable

An important part of goal setting and staying motivated is holding yourself accountable. Research shows that after setting a specific goal, 70% of individuals who sent a weekly update to a friend were successful in meeting their achievements (met either halfway or fully), compared to the other 30% that did not.

4. Create a vision board

We all have times where we are uninspired with our life. We tend to compare ourselves to others and strive to live a fulfilling life. Want some clarity and spark back into your life? Think about what you want for your life and create a vision board with pictures and words that resemble the life you'd like to pursue.

5. Exercise in nature

One thing I love to do to get inspired and gain clarity an is going out into nature and appreciating the beauty that is around us. I bush walk, mountain climb or lay under the sun on the beach. This not only calms my body but rejuvenates my thoughts.

6. Listen to a new type of music

Music stimulates the brain and when they are new catchy songs your brain will pick up on and your thoughts will be flowing. Spotify is my weapon of choice when it comes down to exploring new music.

7. Try and meditate

Maybe your mind is feeling cloudy and you feel drained. Take some time out of your busy day and take a moment to be in the present moment. We can gain so much clarity once the chatter in our head stops. Make this a regular practice.

8. Watch an inspiring video

Want to feel inspired? The quickest and easiest way I found is to watch videos like TED talks, not only will you learn about all sorts of different things but you will also feel empowered by what others have to share.

9. Surround yourself with inspiring people

We are who we surround ourselves with, so make sure the people you spend your time with are the people that will make you feel empowered.

10.Start before the inspiration strikes

Sometimes to get inspired you just have to start! Inspiration comes from doing! Get your material out even if it doesn’t feel ready. You will be surprised at how much inspiration you will get from taking one step forward.

Let your inspirational flow and your Inner beauty Shine,

Bec xxx

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