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My story

to Inner Beauty Shine!


I'd like to take this opportunity to tell you a little bit about myself.
My name is Rebecca Rough, a qualified Life and Wellness coach.​​

What brought me to life coaching?
​I went through a journey  that changed my life forever. My life was heading down
a very dark path; I had a medical condition I couldn't maintain.

My life was slipping through my fingers. I let my condition define me, I lost who I was.
 Stuck in a rut not knowing my next step forward. I lost the ability to live my day to day life like
everybody else.


I knew I had to take action.  I began to make positive decisions in the way I thought and had the natural ability to see things in a better light. This helped me find and cherish my Inner Beauty by staying in a positive mindset to push for my goals, establish self respect and fulfilling friends and carrier.I started to live life authentically and passionately. After overcoming this myself, I began the journey of becoming a Life Coach to be able to help others with what came to me naturally. As everyone's journey is different, with my genuine passion to help others, I support and encourage my clients to seek a positive outlook on whatever their life has thrown at them and help motivate and establish a way forward.
As a Life Coach, I am all about helping in breaking down barriers which prevent you from achieving these goals and any change from happening.  Whilst creating the ideal environment for affirmative action to take it's place, I take a professional approach looking at your present situation and setting goals for an entirely successful future.
Together we can address all sorts of life goals including Confidence, Self love, Careers, Fitness,Relationships plus anything in between! 

Life Coaching begins with an awareness that every human is born with the ability to be, do or have, whatever they want in life. By the time we become adults, many of us may have lost this ability. Eventually, we experience the feeling that our lives are drifting off course and that there must be something better than this !

So in saying this, I look forward to hearing from you and helping you achieve those goals that you so greatly desire.
Kindest Regards,




Rebecca Rough

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