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Self-doubt, anxiety and mental clutter is a common experience for many people. Coaching is a process designed to move you out of insecurities and disharmony, to living a simpler, more fulfilled life.
Coaching is an action-orientated and future-focused partnership – a thought provoking and strategic process that will inspire you to see your full potential.

Reconnect with what you’re passionate about, what inspires you, what makes you unique, improve your experience at work and in life or understand how to transition out of negative workplaces and relationships to seek a fulfilling career and authentic friendships.
Together we’ll define your version of success, find your inner beauty and set sustainable goals for your personal development.
 Is this you? Are you ready to reclaim your shine?

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 Rebecca's Private coaching programs are opportunity for genuine transformation; build on strengths, tap into authentic abilities and develop fulfilling goals.
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​​My name is Zane and I'm a senior tax accountant on the Sunshine Coast. I've worked in that field for the past 18 years and despite the personal and professional satisfaction I receive by helping my clients, the job brings a level of stress that previously I never truly managed. As a result I have been suffering from anxiety over the past 3 years. I heard about Rebecca at Outlook Life Coaching through a mutual friend. Despite being skeptical at first, I decided to give life coaching a chance. Wow, this was the best decision I have ever made! Rebecca enabled me to set goals, highlight issues in my life that were requiring resolution and set me on a path forward to obtain a happier and more fulfilled life. I am so thankful that I gave life coaching a chance! Do you feel similar? If you do, give life coaching a chance like I did, what do you have to lose??
​​ Zane - Sunshine Coast

Before seeing Bec, I didn’t even know what a life coach did, I just though “Pfft they one of those people who try and help you with your problems for the money”
Boy was I wrong.
Bec has allowed me to see and feel things in life that I never have before. I may not be at the end of my journey yet but I am slowly getting there and I am loving it.
I feel like I have gained a completely different perspective of who I am which has resulted in me slowly learning to love myself. The positivity that is now in my life is amazing and I wouldn’t have that if it wasn’t for taking that leap and speaking with Bec

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